What does “Restoracy” mean?

Our mission is to restore health, dignity, and familiarity for our residents.

We are a private, family owned company who believes seniors deserve superior personalized care. We didn’t want to buy and renovate a traditional nursing home. Instead, The Restoracy of Whitestown combines skilled nursing with a new, re-imagined, home-modeled design. Here, every single decision about our home layout, procedures, and staffing focuses on restoring health, dignity, and familiarity for our residents.

Consider what we restore for residents at three different levels of care:

1. Rehabilitation Care – We restore health in a home-like environment.  Some hospital patients who go straight home after surgery or other hospital stays, typically receive half as much physical therapy as they should, which drastically slows their recovery. They may not prefer the institutional setting for therapy. At the Restoracy, we offer the best of both worlds: intense, personalized rehabilitation in a home-like environment. During the 2-3 week recovery period, our patients receive extensive therapy for 5-6 days a week, and still have most of the comforts of home.

2. Long term Care – We restore dignity to those who want the best comforts of home, but whose health challenges are too complex to be managed alone or with family.  Our model is designed to provide the best amenities of home with an open kitchen in the middle of the home, personalized care where personal routines and wishes are granted and double the staffing ratio exists to make it happen so individuals don’t feel like “a number” in a large institution.  There is no place like your home, but our home is an excellent alternative.

3. Memory Care – We restore familiarity for those that are challenged with memory loss.  Imagine living in a home for 80-90 years and then suddenly being expected to navigate an institutional environment with several strangers. To avoid that disorientation, we’ve created a small home environment with the familiar home amenities for seniors.  This includes their own private room, a living room, and a fireplace right outside their bedrooms, combined with the ability to enjoy the simple pleasure of food with all five senses.  Residents will smell and hear the food being cooked.  Don’t you love walking into a home where you can smell the fresh baked cookies, bread or a roast baking in the oven?  Through our homey dining experience, we restore one of the most basic and enjoyable parts of living at home in a safe environment.